Best Dating Advice After The First Date

Best Dating Advice After The First Date

So you’ve just gone on your first date with someone, and you’re wondering what to do next! It can be a tense time for both parties and for different reasons. Whether the meeting went good or bad and whether the feeling was mutual or just from one point of view, are all crucial factors. The best thing to do at this time is to keep your cool, assess your situation and decide what to do next.

How was the date?: The first thing to do is reflect on how the date went. Was there a spark? Did you make a connection? Did it seem like a one-sided affair? Was it a bad one for both? Pondering on these answers (calmly, of course) will allow you to understand how it went and whether or not to follow-up with a second date.

Don’t over-think: Do not over-analyze the experience. Spending excessive time thinking about the little details may lead you to form a wrong impression of the whole experience. Remember, keep your cool, it’s just one date.

Should there be a second date?: The first and second steps should give you a fair idea of whether you like the person enough to pursue another date. Off-putting habits and behavior in the first date can be red flags for you. Or having a genuinely lovely time with the person may mean you are ready for more.

Don’t play the waiting game: Whatever you decide, do not wait for too long before you choose to communicate. The classic 3-day rule is becoming obsolete, and there’s no reason to wait that long. Let him/her know within the next 24 hours if you want a second meeting. If you felt that there was no spark, communicate it politely and respectfully to them so that no one is left hurt and disappointed.

How do I reach out?: If you do decide to go for another date, the next question is how do you let her know? The most endearing thing to do at this point is to send a casual text (or call if you are both older) saying you had a lovely time and would love to do it again. It sounds clichéd, but it is the perfect balance between being too eager and being too aloof.

As far as possible, avoid using social media to request a second date.

Be graceful in rejection: If you are at the receiving end of a polite refusal, accept it respectfully. Things do not always work out in life, and knowing how to take rejection is crucial in having a healthy relationship later on. It will build you into a more practical partner for your next date.

 Final precautions: Since the period after the first date can be a tense affair, it is important to remember the mistakes people often make so that we can avoid them. Do not call or text excessively. It will only push away the other person and make you appear clingy. Avoid browsing their profiles on social media so that you don’t arrive at the wrong conclusions. Finally, it is completely fine to keep other potential partners in contact (text, social media, etc.) while you are still in your initial dates. It will keep your options open and make you more confident in the ongoing dates too.

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