Best Things To Include In Your Online Dating Profile

Best Things To Include In Your Online Dating Profile

When it comes to online dating, your profile is crucial to making a good first impression. The content of your profile speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. And it can make or break your prospects because it is the first thing that other users look at before they decide whether or not to make a move. Profiles with excessive content can put off visitors, while incomplete profiles can make you appear as dull and uninterested. Here are the sure-fire ways of coming up with a bio that attracts the right kind of attention:

The right profile photos

Always have a picture with you looking directly into the camera (smiling is still a plus point). It will seem like you are gazing into your visitor’s eyes too (eye contact goes a long way in making silent connections).

Shades and sunglasses look cool, but they may make you seem unapproachable. Stick to one photo if you decide to have them.

Have a shot of you engaging in physical activity. Photos of you playing softball, trekking or rock climbing, etc. can be a great way to show your whole body too.

Keep it honest and open.

Be clear and upfront about your intentions (whether it’s long-term goals or to have some fun). This information will help you avoid interactions where others expect more than you have to offer. Be open about the things you prefer and the things you like.

Confidence is key, not arrogance

Be comfortable with your skills and qualities but be cautious not to seem like you are bragging. Nothing puts off people more than an obnoxious profile.

Fill out all the fields

Don’t leave blank spaces. More information means more conversation starters and more ways to find things in common. Also, it shows that you are willing to make an effort in small things and that you are serious about being here.

A catchy username

Instead of going with your full and formal name, you can go for a witty and fun username. You can incorporate your interests or hobbies in your screen name to make it grab attention too. Reference to pop culture or clever puns can make you appear fun and available.

Put up a clever description

Most dating sites provide a box or field where you get to describe yourself. It helps people to identify a personality to go with your profile photo. You can use references from your favorite books, TV shows or movies. You can also add a unique experience from your past. Your description should stand out from the sea of generic profiles that say “fun-loving guy/girl” or “in search of a mate,” etc.

Keep it brief

The purpose of your bio is to pique the interest of others who might match you. It is not supposed to be a complete explanation of your whole life. Also, if the site has a mobile app version, short fields will appear more readable and hence, more likable.


After your profile is up, use the next few days to keep reviewing your profile. Smooth out any rough edges you find (typos, grammar, etc.). Look out for any sentences that can be rephrased to sound better and more appealing.

The goal in writing an attractive profile is to show how your experiences and interests have shaped you to become the person that you are. You are giving them a glimpse of your story. It should take the reader through a small journey and leave them wanting more.

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