Dating Trends, Facts, and Figures

Dating Trends, Facts, and Figures

Online dating continues to grow at such a quick rate that existing dating sites and apps eventually start to struggle to cater to all of its users. Today, we have a rich variety of general as well as niche dating sites that aim to foster love and friendship among hundreds of millions of users all over the world. We also find that new dating sites and apps keep coming up because the demand keeps growing. To understand this phenomenon, we need to look at the real-world stats and figures that can paint a clear picture of where dating trends are heading.

Stats and figures

Today, reliable estimates show that over 30% of American adults have tried a dating site or app to find a partner. This is a considerable increase compared to a mere 19% just a few years back.

One might assume that these numbers only represent the younger generation (Millenials?) who are more tech-savvy and used to interacting on social media. However, further study reveals that a massive chunk of this population is made up of users who are 30 or older. The success of senior dating sites like (8,000,000 visitors every month) has facilitated the growth of online dating among the older folks too.

Surveys show that 69% of Americans know of someone who has tried online dating and 34% know someone who met their partner or spouse through an online dating platform. It shows that the stigma behind online dating is fast disappearing. The transition has dramatically been assisted by the appearance of niche dating sites where users have the same background, religion, orientation, lifestyle, etc.

These facts make it clear that the percentage of users have kept on increasing ever since online dating began. The increase in users has also seen a sharp surge in the last few years, which indicates rising approval of online dating sites.

Most popular dating sites

Research indicates that a user’s choice of dating site can depend a lot on how popular or widely used it is. The current trends show that in the US, is the most popular dating platform and coming in a very close second is Trailing not far behind are and Tinder.

It is interesting to note that a niche dating site ( is among the most widely used websites at the moment. There are other niche dating sites which may not match the volume and user-base of big dating sites but cater very well to the clients they have.

Apple store also reported that dating apps were among the top grossing apps from the store. It implies that more and more people are getting into the idea of finding love (or other forms of companionship) in the virtual world.

However, popularity does not always mean efficiency too. There are some great dating sites available which have fewer people using them but with large success rates. Niche dating sites provide a space and platform that commits itself towards creating connections between people of similar orientation or habits.


Therefore, the increasing space for creativity and diversity on the internet has also had its effects on the online dating industry. With people getting busier and assuming more hectic schedules, online dating continues to grow and amass users who are willing to take a new approach to date. It is, thus, clear that online dating has proven to be widely successful and is here to stay.

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