Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles Review

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Elitesingles.com is a dedicated dating site that aims to make extremely compatible matches based on the detailed and extensive information it gathers from you. The majority of its users are holders of university degrees, so you will also find highly educated and professional singles on this site. It is committed to building long-term and lasting relationships, so it is not the right place to be if you are merely looking for casual hook-ups or one night stands. Here’s all you need to know before you decide to get on board.


  • A very organized and comprehensive matching algorithm.
  • It makes an excellent assessment of a user’s personality.
  • Informative profiles with mutual qualities highlighted.




  • The payment plans are more expensive compared to some other sites.
  • The long and meticulous sign-up process can be a strenuous task.
  • There is no search function



Elitesingles.com’s sign-up process is the bedrock of its comprehensive matching system. The site will require you to enter a lot of details and rate yourself on a lot of personality traits so that it makes a proper assessment of the kind of person you are. The whole process can take well over half an hour, depending on how much thought you put into your answers.

The process begins with the general entries such as gender, orientation, and location which will lead you to an email and password creation section to get your account started. It will then take you to the in-depth personality assessment where you will be studied on 29 unique personality traits. It will begin with the standard questions about your marital status and education. It then moves on to the appearance of your prospective partner. You will also have to grade yourself on questions about how satisfied you are with your appearance. The questionnaire will then shift to more questions that ask you about your behavior and choices you make. You will also encounter a section that will ask you to choose adjectives that best describe your character. In the later part of the assessment, you will also have to recall how frequently you experienced certain emotions in the last couple of months.

The last set of questions will involve issues on having children, drinking habits, smoking patterns and your income. You will then have to upload a profile photo and answer a few open-ended questions after which your profile will be ready.


The site has a very active matching system that rewards you for the grueling process of answering questions you had to go through during the sign-up. All the details you entered while registering will be used to find matches that are compatible with you. The site provides 8-10 matches for you every day. They will appear with the profile photo, age, name, and location. When you click on these images, you will be taken to their profile where you will be able to study them in greater detail. Any matching answers or common parts you share in your profiles will be highlighted so that you can notice them even in a quick glance. Paid members of the site get priority when matches appear. So in this case, it pays to pay. The algorithm will prioritize your profile (if you have paid) in appearing as matches to other users because it shows that you are committed and serious about looking for a partner on this site.

Elitesingles.com does not have a search bar. So you will be disappointed if you wanted to browse through the user database yourself instead of only relying on the site’s suggestions. However, this should not be a deal-breaker if you honestly answered the questions during the sign-up since you will receive a lot of compatible matches to keep you occupied.


The site gives you many ways in which you can contact a person you match with. However, as usual, most of it can only be accessed by going for a paid subscription. Free users cannot reply to messages sent to them, although they can use the ‘5 questions’ feature (explained below).

A subtle way of showing your interest is by sending a ‘smile’ to the person. Otherwise, you can also opt for email or chatting with them directly if that is what you prefer. One of the unique features of elitesingles.com is the ‘5 questions’ option. You can send a set of 5 questions on things you want to find out about the other person. He/she can also reply with the answers and their own set of 5 questions for you to answer.

If you are a paid user, you can also use the ‘wildcard matches’ section to convey your regards to a user. You can swipe right to show interest or swipe left to skip a user.


Elitesingles.com is a website of SSL security, with encryptions in place to protect sensitive information such as your credit card details. Premium members can also opt for verification of their identity to show that they are legitimate and real users.

The website also has a screening system that can detect messages with objectionable content or identify keywords that breach the terms of use. Users can also block or report the profiles that are abusive.


The payment plan for a 3-month subscription is $34.95 a month which totals up to 104.85. The 6-month program will cost you $149.70 at $24.95 per month. And the most extended plan of 12 months will charge $215.40 at 17.95 per month.


Users can contact the customer service team by filling in their feedback or grievances on the ‘Contact form’ that is available in the ‘Help’ section of the website. The site mentions that they are active Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The website also has a fax number if users want to contact them via fax.



Elitesingles.com is a dating site that is serious in its goals and organization. Their commitment is reflected in the comprehensive personality assessment, the lack of features for free users and the prices which are higher than most other dating sites. These features imply that if you merely want to arrange a casual hook-up with a free account, this site is the wrong place to be in. However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship and are willing to invest your time and resources, elitesingles.com gives you a reliable and impressive platform to meet your goals.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)

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