How To Plan The Perfect Date

How To Plan The Perfect Date

So you’ve been chatting online or over the phone for a few weeks with that special someone. And you've finally dared to ask her (or him) out on a date, and she says yes. Congratulations! Now you have to think about how to make your day as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Meeting the person and going on a date is entirely different from just interacting virtually or texting/talking over the phone. So cast out those fears and aspersions aside and get your groove on. Here’s how you can plan the perfect day for both of you.

Plan ahead

Few things are more admirable than a guy who knows what he wants and how to get it done! Plan your day or evening, ahead of time. Think of the logistics involved in making this date a special one. Are you driving or taking a cab? Should you be ready with cash (apart from your credit card)? Will the place/restaurant be convenient to reach? You should already be aware of what she likes and enjoys so that you plan an experience that both of you will enjoy. Also, when you pick a restaurant, always make reservations!

Keep her posted on the plan

While some dates can be spontaneous and revealed as a surprise, you can leave them for the later part of your relationship. For an initial outing, make sure your date has an idea of what is going to happen. It will be like extending a courtesy because she will know what to wear or bring for the plan. No one likes being inappropriately dressed for an occasion.

Pick the right place

With thousands of restaurants and events around us, it’s surprising to see how people sometimes still end up picking a place that ruins the date. Avoid the movies for a first date, it is generic and makes you seem lazy for choosing an obvious choice. It will not allow you to interact and hold a conversation as well as if you were in a restaurant or at a museum. Pick a place that has a pleasant ambiance, and is quite enough for you to have a conversation too. If you decide to attend an event that does not involve food, make sure you follow it with dinner at a cozy restaurant.

Focus your attention on her/him

This seems obvious, but it is not hard to lose track off, especially if you are at a performance or a gallery. Compliment your date on the way she looks. Listen intently to what she is saying so that your replies are genuine and engaging.

Plan an after-dinner destination

Think of a place you can take the date to after dinner. It can be a pub or bar where both of you can relax and unwind. By this stage of the day, you should both be more comfortable to throw down your guards and be yourselves. Also, consider it a backup plan if the prior plan gets canceled or undoable. And hold your alcohol, no one likes a drunk.

When the day arrives, go through every part of the day with a smile and genuine courtesy toward your date. Show up well-dressed (clean, not necessarily expensive), be punctual and focus on getting to know your partner throughout the day. Make sure you drive or walk her back to her place. Here’s your chance to show that chivalry is very much alive!

If you can execute these tips, it will go a long way in creating that spark and connection between the two of you.

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