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(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.) continues to be one of the most accessed dating sites in the web. Its massive database of users makes it one of the favorites because the likelihood of making connections gets a boost merely from the volume of members alone. Set up in 1995 it is also one of the oldest dating sites and boasts of an unbeaten track record that can rival other large-scale dating sites that are running today.

To understand its success, let's look at how it works and what it offers.


  • Ideal matches appear on a daily basis
  • The matchmaking system adjusts according to your behavior




  • Approval of new members is not instant.
  • Free users have access to very few features.




The account creation prompt is the first thing that greets you when you enter the site. The sign-up procedure for this site is a balanced and robust process. It begins with your gender, sexual orientation and the zip code of your location. Next, it takes you to a window where you provide your e-mail, create a password and your date of birth. You then get to choose a username and choose whether you want to be matched by proximity or by your region. You can skip the password section by logging in through Facebook.

After this initial part is over, you will move over to the important section of entering the attributes of the partner you want to meet. It starts with particular details of what you would like to see in your matches, such as hair color, eye color, body type, etc. It then moves on to other details like salary, education, occupation and habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. Most of these questions are optional, so you can check the ‘No Preference’ box and move on if these details are not that important to you. The questions then move on to the ‘About You’ section where you can answer similar questions, but this time it will be about you. The ‘About You’ section has a few additional fields where you can talk about the books and movies that you like, or mention the hobbies that interest you. The last entry-field allows you to leave a description which you want other users to see on your profile. So it can be anything about yourself, your interests or what kind of partner you are looking for.

The final prompt is to upload a profile photo, after which, the site will notify you about the pending approval of your picture and profile which should not be ready just yet.

On completing the sign-up process, you can go to your profile and even check out some matches. However, proper communication with matches will only be allowed after you subscribe to the paid service.

MATCHMAKING, SEARCHING, & FILTERING OPTIONS has a unique and ever-growing matchmaking process to help bring users together. Its basic matchmaking offers an average of ten matches every single day. These matches can be viewed in the ‘Matches’ tab. The algorithm used to find your matches is also a dynamic system that can make appropriate changes according to your behavior. So if your entered certain physical traits like ‘Brunette’ or ‘hazel eyes’ during the registration but you have shown interest in blondes or users with ‘blue eyes’ for example, the algorithm will learn this behavior and include users with these traits in the matchmaking.

The ‘Discover’ tab will take you to the search bar where you can browse through users based on the filters you apply. The filters are categorized into tabs such as ‘Interests’ where you can search based on hobbies and activities. The next tab is ‘appearance’ where you can re-enter details of body type, height, etc. The third tab is the ‘Personal’ category where you can include filters on family, ethnicity, language, etc. The last tab is the ‘Lifestyle’ tab which includes filters on occupation, salary, habits and so on. These detailed filters allow users to find prospective partners who are compatible in almost every conceivable aspect. It is also a vital part of the successful matchmaking system that provides.


The site gives you different ways of interacting with a user whom you are interested in. It can be subtle signals like ‘winks’ or leaving ‘likes’ on the user’s profile or photos.

You can also go for the more direct and conventional method of messaging the person. Your inbox is divided into filtered messages or conversations. Conversations contain texts from users with whom you have shared some interaction already. Texts that come from users who you have no history with are stored in the filtered messages section. ‘MissedConnections’ is a feature that uses your location to suggest users who have been around the same area as you recently.


The site uses an ‘approval’ policy which screens all types of abusive images or phrases that may appear in a profile. It also uses encryptions of personal details that you enter while logging in.

The MatchPhone is a feature that allows users to text or e-mail each other without revealing your phone number. This can be used in the initial stages of communication when you are not sure about a user’s identity.

The site reserves the right to suspend or block any user that displays the kind of behavior which goes against the site’s policies. Users can also block and report profiles which appear to be fake or abusive.


The 3-month membership will cost you $19.47 ($6.49 per month) while the 6-month membership will cost you $32.94 (at $5.49 per month). The highest percentage of savings comes with the 12-month package which charges only $3.99 per month and comes to a total of $47.88.




The site has a detailed and extensive FAQ section that addresses common questions and doubts you may have about the service and how to use it. It has a dedicated email and chats service for customers. Users can also make personal calls to the company to address problems.




Equipped with a very successful matchmaking system and a website that is user-friendly and easy to browse, continues to show why it is one of the most popular platforms. Although most of its features can only be accessed through a paid subscription, there is no doubt that it will deliver on finding matches and making connections. So if you are out to find love in the virtual world, is one of the best places where you have the likelihood of discovering a long-lasting relationship.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)

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