Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

People get a lot of mixed reviews about online dating, so we think it is only fair to look into some of the advantages as well as the downside of using dating sites. It will help us navigate towards what works, and how to give ourselves the best shot at meeting our objective. So without further ado, here are the top pros and cons of dating online.


A world of options: Online dating gives you way more prospective partners to choose from, compared to traditional dating. The kind of people you interact with will range from typical personalities to unique characters. The variety of age, appearance, and personality that you come across here can put down the limited options you get in the real world.

Matchmaking algorithms: Dating sites today use a vast array of scientific and psychological tools to match users on their site. It means the website’s algorithm almost does the work for you. As long as you are honest with your qualities and weaknesses, there is a high possibility that the site will pair you with people with whom you will click and connect with.

Not limited to geography: Traditional dating will only allow you to go out with people who are in the same town/city as you. With online dating, you can interact with people beyond the walls of your city. You can even start relationships in other parts of your region or country (even the world) depending on how far you want to go.

Convenience: Online dating offers you the advantages of diverse communication tools (chats, emails, private messaging, etc.) and getting relevant information on your prospective dates before you even interact. You can also avoid those awkward silences which can happen when you meet in person. Also, you can be sincere since you are not worried about dressing up or being late for the date, etc.


Scamsters and catfish accounts: The most common issue with online dating is the ease with which scam artists can create fake profiles to take advantage of gullible users. The goal may be money, blackmail or other favors, but signing up with a fake persona and dishonest photos is not difficult. So users have to be vigilant of these fake profiles.

Not physically present: Chemistry between two people can depend a lot on physical cues and body language. How attractive someone is, also depends on their poise and the way they carry themselves. This crucial factor is taken out of the equation when you are interacting virtually.

Lies: Even genuine users can twist the truth or embellishment parts of their personality or profile to seem more presentable. Does the person really look like his/her photo? Also, you can easily give yourself the best character traits while signing up, even though you do not possess them in real life.

Discourages real-life interaction: Chatting and browsing profiles become so convenient that we can lose sight of the most significant build-up – that is to meet eventually. A real connection is cemented when you physically meet the person and get to know them. However, relying too much on profile information, reactions, swipes, and texts can take away the charm of actually seeing and meeting the person face to face.

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