Why Free Dating Sites Aren’t Always Free

Why Free Dating Sites Aren’t Always Free

How many times have you tried to find a completely free dating site that works but failed to find one? A successful site is one that has a legitimate and successful track record of bringing singles together in a satisfying manner. There are hundreds of sites out there that claim to be free, but they somehow manage to cleverly find loopholes to include some form of cost for you. Remember that ‘cost’ may not always be in the form of money. We have listed below the costs that you eventually pay for a “free” dating site.

Free dating, costly communication: A lot of sites let you browse the pages for free and even see prospective matches. However, the moment you develop an interest in a user, you will find that most of the chat and messaging functions are for premium members. Just ‘winks’ and ‘likes’ on someone’s profile is not enough to spark chemistry, much less sustain it.

Free dating, Costly matches: Some dating sites might allow you to view other users and may even provide you with limited communication tools (email, chat, etc.). But careful inspection will show that any real and prospective matches will only be provided once you pay. The matches you get for free may be bot accounts, scam artists or generally unsuitable partners.

Free dating, blurred/hidden features: Many times, users will find that free dating sites will blur the pictures of other users unless you get a premium account. Appearance is the first thing that attracts other users, and without photos, it would be a blind date the whole experience. Sites may also hide vital parts of a profile such as ‘occupation’ or ‘Income’ to entice you to pay.

Free dating, No real dates: Even if you happen to find a dating site that offers its entire website and features for free, it will mean that absolutely anyone could access everything. Chances are, there would be a thousand bot accounts for every real user. And even the real users may be scam artists out to take advantage of gullible users. There would be no guarantee of who or what is behind the profile that looks so impressive on your screen. If no one pays, no one sacrifices. If there is nothing to lose, there is no real commitment or effort towards creating a viable relationship. So, for a dating site that is a 100% free, we wish you luck in trying to get a real human being to talk to, much less go on an actual date.

The Ultimate price: A completely “free” dating site will always have a cost, and the most significant cost may not even be money. All the advantages you get in a paid website will be sacrificed when you opt for free experience. Legitimate profiles, multiple communication tools, verified users, great matchmaking are just the tip of what is in store when you go for a premium account. How ironic that foregoing all these benefits to get a free ride means that it will be the price you pay for wanting it to be free.

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